Saturday, September 5, 2009

Teak and Wicker Furniture

The furniture is essential in every household. It will enhance the beauty and structure of your home. It is therefore vital to choose furniture that will be to your taste. You must choose the best and not just ordinary furniture to give your home a look and feel. Read on to determine the types of patio furniture that you can choose and obtain sufficient knowledge that can enhance your home.
Wicker furniture
Wicker furniture is especially popular for outdoor furniture. It is made from thin branches interwoven and has distinct characteristics. It is lightweight, strong and woven as a feature that makes it more attractive. Wicker furniture can enhance an outdoor area with relaxing tropical mood and will. It can be made of rattan, bamboo or plastic. Rattan is more preferred because it brings out the natural beauty with its natural finish. It is also believed to bring luck and wealth in life.
wicker plastic, on the other hand, is just as popular. Besides being inexpensive, it is also a low maintenance material that is resistant to weathering. The only drawback of having plastic wicker is that, because of its low cost, it is often mass-produced look. The furniture that you could get perhaps not unique, unless you customize it.
A disadvantage of wicker furniture is when a portion of the woven material is released. It is more likely to affect all of the furniture when not supported. The entire structure may be damaged and weakened. This can be avoided when the free part is restored immediately. You can paste or link with a chemical paste suitable for wicker set.
Most materials wicker can withstand all weather conditions. Because of this characteristic, it is ideal for garden furniture. However, most wicker materials are flammable. Therefore it should not be placed near the fireplace or bonfire.
Teak garden furniture
Teak is considered a precious wood material. Having indoor Indonesia furniture tweak is considered part of your status symbol. It is expensive at the same time has great qualities. Teck native to Southeast Asia. It is primarily used for the manufacture of ships in ancient times because of its sustainable features. And thus, tweak furniture can last long and stay beautiful as long. With proper care and maintenance, it can be long lasting furniture. Teak has natural oils that has the ability to be free decay. It also gives a shiny and polished. It is also insect repellent and absorbs very little heat. With these characteristics, teak is resistant to extreme weather conditions.
Teak furniture is expensive compared to other materials. This is mainly due to its strong and durable goods. It is ideal for garden furniture in teak if you prefer outdoor furniture that will last a lifetime.With these different types of furniture available, it is up to you which will not only meet your outdoor space and your budget.